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Fixed-Partner Doubles (9/16/23)


We paired up and kept those pairs through this Saturday event at the Montclair courts, the sun never emerging from behind the overcast skies, but that didn’t dampen our spirits. We played some spirited – and pretty high level! – tennis, eight rounds of four no-ad games each – enough that every team had the opportunity to take the court against every other team exactly one time. After we set our racquets down and did the math, it was revealed that Shun H and Vu T were the top scorers, winning a total of 17 out of the total of 32 games they played, and chose MTA performance caps as their prize! The second-place team (Jeffrey G and Robin H) was just two games behind, and the third-place team (Azhar M and Sarah B) just another two games behind them. Congratulations to all the players, whether they won a large number of games, or, like me, just hung in there, did what they could, won a few games, appreciated the opportunity to play against some strong players, and had a grand time. It was a fun mix of long-standing MTAers and some MTA newbies – we welcome you all! In the longstanding social tradition of MTA, folks brought nibbles, set them on the picnic table (resplendent with a new, tie-dye style tablecloth) and enjoyed each other’s company while we enjoyed the food on our byes – including dumplings, dill-pickle potato chips, hard-cooked eggs, doughnuts, blueberry scones, strawberries, pear and apple slices, La Croix waters, digestive biscuits, and chicken pieces (wow – it was quite the spread!). Hope to see you all again soon!  - Susan Goodman, event host (