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Don’t Trust the Weatherman

 On Saturday February 25 the Montclair Tennis Association had its annual Icebreaker Event.  This year was a bit different that past years as just a few day before the Bay Area had record breaking snowfall and frigid weather.  This year’s Icebreaker might even come with the possibility  of truly breaking ice from the court.  The weather on Saturday actually warmed up a bit and our snow turned to rain.  The weatherman had been forecasting rain all night and into the morning hours of our event.  I was a be perplexed the night before as to whether I should cancel due to weather.

At 7:00 the morning of the event I looked outside and could see some blue sky. By 7:30 I was out to the court to determine if it might be possible to play tennis.  I had promised an email letting everyone know if we would have to cancel.  I grabbed the giant squeegee and foam roller from the shed with the intent to remove all the deep puddles and the hope that a uniformly damp court might dry out for us. An hour and half later I decided we could move forward even though we still had a forecast for rain.  I called Susan our President and she agreed to send out an email to all our attendees letting them know that our event was a go!

We were a group of 11 players which made for some creative formatting, but we made it work.  With a total of 5 rounds of 8 games each, everyone got in some good tennis and hopefully shook the weather off their game. Our players were of different skill levels with some being first timers to an MTA event.  This made it even more fun for us. This was a potluck as well with some delicious food to eat on our byes.

I want to thank all our participants for having the courage to come out and play on this cold February morning with the looming chance of rain.  Our courts did dry out, the temperatures rose and it turned out to be a great Icebreaker and one to remember.  We hope to see you all again at future events. And remember most of all, Don’t Trust the Weatherman!

Kenny Goodman, MTA Events Coordinator


Turkey Tournament

November 19, 2022

It started out a bit chilly and more than a tad windy, but the sun was out and it turned out to be a perfect day of tennis as 12 MTA'ers joined together at the Montclair Courts to play in the last MTA tennis event for the calendar year.

Tournament Organizer Kenny Goodman devised a plan where we played 6 rounds of 8 no-ad games each, switching partners and opponents each round, with each person having 2 byes for snacking, resting, and socializing.

The winner, none other than the organizer himself, Kenny Goodman, collected the most number of games won throughout the day, with Jeffrey Gomez coming up in a close second place. In addition to a prize of his MTA prize (wine glass, cap, water bottle, neck band, etc.), Kenny will be the proud caretaker of MTA's brand new perpetual Turkey Trophy for the next twelve months, when he will bring it back one year from today to defend his title and either keep or pass on the trophy.

Oh, and the food! In true MTA fashion, our table was full-to-the-brim with potluck delacacies - ham, deviled eggs, chicken tenders, pasta salad, fruit, popcorn, cookies, cupcakes, and more! We appreciate it - it makes for a festive morning!

It was great fun to meet so many new players - more than half weren't around at our events last year. We welcome you all, and hope to see you again soon!

Link to photos here!

New Year's Day Tennis

January 1, 2023

We sure started the new year off with a bang - with tennis on the first day of 2023!

Thanks to our volunteer host, Hans Boerner, for making this such a great event!

The group!

Event Organizer (Kenny Goodman)

The Turkey Trophy!

Siracha Deviled Eggs