About Us

Board of Directors (2023)

President: Susan Goodman

Vice President: Warren Garrison

Secretary: Bruce Williams

Treasurer: Kenny Goodman

Webmaster: Warren Garrison

Events Commissioner: Kenny Goodman

Membership Chair: Kevin Stewart

Archivist: Hans Boerner

Hot Courts Coordinators: Hans Boerner and Jeffrey Gomez

Parking Lot Chairperson: Susan Goodman

Members-at-Large: Kevin Hill and Richard Stark

Event Guidelines

  • Doubles and singles, but with a focus on doubles (because that's where the demand seems to be).

  • Casual, with an emphasis on meeting people, hitting the ball, and having fun.

  • Often short sets with rotating partners.

  • Formats vary, depending on number of participants, number of courts, and organizer whim.

  • Max number of participants varies from event to event. Wait lists are available for sold-out events.

  • Pre-registration is required for most events.

  • Standard event fee is $12 per person, per event. But sometimes it varies.

  • Order of play, partners, opponents, answers to questions and settlement of disputes shall be by the persons organizing the tournament and their word is final and above reproach.

  • Refund of registration fees is at the discretion of the tournament director, and are generally not allowed once a tournament has been formatted.

Website Notes

Our volunteer Webmaster creates and maintains this website. If you have questions or suggestions, are experiencing problems, have information you would like added, or would like to place an ad (see below), please contact our Webmaster.

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