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To obtain contact information for new members, please contact membership@montclairtennis.org. 


MTA Contributes to the Local Community!    


Two years ago, MTA made a donation in support of the design and construction of the new Montclair Village Plaza on Antioch Court between Mountain Boulevard and Antioch Street, less than ½ mile south of our home courts (Mountain @ Colton):

  • Improve safety on roadways for cyclists, pedestrians, and drivers
  • Support small businesses and promote foot traffic and commerce
  • Live music, community gatherings, and cultural events


Construction has started, and MTA’s commemorative brick has been installed in the new brick patio right outside Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt on the corner of Mountain Blvd and Antioch Court. We hope you’ll take a look the next time you’re in the area!




  • The board continues to schedule events for the coming months. We hope to reschedule the two events that had a coaching/teaching element.
  • Membership reports 5 new additions and 3 unsubscribed as moving out of the aera.
  • The MTA hitting-partner list is now live! Watch your email for a link and then find someone to play with! There are 27 people on the list!
  • Hot Courts reported an average of 13 players each week.
  • Montclair Village Plaza has installed our MTA Brick with our name and purpose statement.
  • Our contract renewal is still in progress
  • We have held several successful event including our first TGIF for a while in June


Submitted by

Bruce Williams, Secretary




Upcoming Board Meetings

Board meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. every other month or as required by the organizations needs. Usually on the first Wednesday of the month except December, when they're held at the MTA Holiday Party.
Non-board members are welcome to attend - please contact the  host for directions.  

Hosts for upcoming meetings are as follows:
 May 4th, 7:00pm on Zoom        -       Susan Goodman



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For additional contact information, refer to the "About Us" page.