What's New

    The following are the members and the positions they will serve on 

    the MTA 2018 Board of Directors. 

    The vote for the new board was held at the annual Holiday Party,

    Saturday December  2nd 2017.

    • President  -  Warren Garrison
    • Vice President  - Lyn Murray
    • Secretary  -  Peter Volin
    • Treasurer  -  Stephen Graham 
    • Webmaster  - Warren Garrison
    • Tournament Commissioners
    • Mary Blume, Heidi Lerner, Susan Goodman 
    • Membership Chairs
    • Donna Haiman, Heidi Lerner
    • Archivist - Hans Boerner
    • Hot Courts Coordinators -  Hans Boerner, Kenny Goodman, Richard Stark                       
    • Parking Lot Chairperson -  Roger Lambert
    • Members-at-Large -   Robin Lee, Marty Gutherz, Alec Seastrand 

    MTA HOT COURTS, YOUR SPECIAL PERK                                                           

    I know that people join the MTA for several reasons. I personally like to play tennis for fun without the competitive pressure of the USTA leagues.  MTA has lots of mixed doubles social tournaments during the year as well as some dedicated gender tournaments.  They offer competitiveness without the long-term consequences of league play.

    We also have TGIF events that are held during the warmer months for a fun end-of-the-week gathering with mixed doubles and dinner.  But what I want to let all our membership know about it the little gem we call Hot Courts. 

    One of the perks of MTA is that we have the Montclair upper tennis courts held in reserve for our membership every Thursday evening all year round for our exclusive use.  We use this time for our Hot Courts. This is typically doubles play, mixed or gender depending on how many folks and who may come on a particular evening. 

    Yes, there are a core group of folks who try to come nearly every Thursday evening, but it is the new players who we are always looking for. Level of play is usually from a solid 3.0 to 4.0 and even an occasional 4.5 to keep us on our toes.  That is not to say that if you joined MTA as a beginner that you will not be welcome, as we really like to play at all levels and encourage our beginners.  Maybe you just want to come out and practice that new serve or focus on strengthening that tricky forehand spin shot down the line, this may be your best opportunity.

    We know that the Mills and Davies courts are getting pretty busy, so  for those who used to come regularly, but then got wrapped up in USTA practices on Thursday evenings, or are just looking for a weekly fun practice/game, we’d love to see you again.  And of course, for those of you who have never tried our Thursday evenings out, come on out and give us a shot.

    The courts are great with all the small cracks recently repaired and the lights are pretty good as well. Best of all, you don’t have to reserve the courts in advance and you can show up any time between 6:30 – 9:30 and pretty much assure that you will have a good time playing tennis.

    I look forward to seeing you on the courts,

    Kenny Goodman,
    Hot Courts Coordinator




In order to reduce our footprint on the world, the MTA Board of Directors has voted to eliminate the purchasing of bottled water.

For all events, participants should bring their own water. We will make sure that there is water available courtside for refills, typically in the form of a drinking fountain. MTA will continue to provide other types of drinks, which will often include juice drinks, sodas, and sports drinks (but will vary from event to event).

Thank you for helping us do our part to keep our planet green.

New Members 

    Welcome to:

  • Stas Tara

  • Please Note: For privacy reasons, personal contact information  (email, phone, address, etc) is never published on this website
To obtain contact information for new members, please check the PDF attachment to the most recent monthly email, Or contact either Rebecca Woolis  or    membership@montclairtennis.org. 

Board Meeting Summary August 2018

  • The minutes of the July Meeting were approved 
  • Membership is at 56 families and 89 individuals
  • Hot Courts have been attended by 8 to 10 
  • Hans told us we need 3 bids for replacing the lights at the Montclair courts. Richard and probably Kenny will assist on this phase of the project. MTA can recommend a contractor but the City makes the final selection.
  • Our membership in USTA is good through 2022 
  • Our Fall away event will be in San Francisco 
  • Hans has completed the Turkey Tournament Trophy to everyone's approval!

           Respectfully submitted; 
          Mary Blume for Peter Volin Secretary        


Upcoming Board Meetings

Board meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. on the first Wednesday of every month except December, when they're held at the MTA Holiday Party. Hosts for upcoming meetings are as follows:
Non-board members are welcome to attend - please contact the  host for directions to their home.  
 January 3rd         -     Susan Goodman  
 February 7th         -     Donna Haiman
 March 7th             -       Mary Blume
April 4th                 -      Robin Lee
May 2nd                 -     Stephen Graham
 June 6th                -     Lyn Murray
 July 12th                 -     Heidi Lerner
 August 1st           -      Warren Garrison
 September 5th     -       Alec Seastrand
October 3rd           -      TBA
 November 7th      -       TBA 
 The December Meeting is held at our annual Holiday Party, date and location to be determined                                


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