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To obtain contact information for new members, please contact membership@montclairtennis.org. 



Kevin Stewart has joined the Board and is assuming the position of Membership Chair

A new sign with general Hot Court information has been laminated and is attached to the gate at the court entry

We will be having singles event on April 10th, our first in several years. More will follow if the turnout/desire is strong

We will have a mixer with the Mills College Tennis team on Saturday April 23 with six individuals representing MTA

Diablo Magazine has published an article about Tennis in the East Bay in its current edition that mentions MTA.  Information about our association for this article came from an interview between Susan Goodman, MTA President and the Magazine

Our contract with the City is still in the process of being renewed but getting very close to completion

A special event is being considered that would include an hour of drills offered by a tennis pro followed by play, would be targeted for members that have not played for awhile or are beginners is being considered for the near future.  This would be a onetime event to encourage our membership to get back out on the courts



Kenny Goodman for Bruce Williams, Secretary




Upcoming Board Meetings

Board meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. every other month or as required by the organizations needs. Usually on the first Wednesday of the month except December, when they're held at the MTA Holiday Party.
Non-board members are welcome to attend - please contact the  host for directions.  

Hosts for upcoming meetings are as follows:
 May 4th, 7:00pm on Zoom        -       Susan Goodman



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