Upcoming Events

Check below for details of these really fun events coming up on our schedule!

   Hot Courts Every Thursday!

   Mt Shasta A Way Event Friday October 2nd to October 4th

  Generations 2015 Tournament Sunday October 11th

  BTC/MTA Interclub Friday October 16th

  Turkey Tournament Saturday November 7th 



Hot Courts  

Date:            Every Thursday evening
Time:           Drop-in (play continues from 6:30-9:30 pm)
Location:     Montclair Courts, Oakland (Mountain at Colton)
Cost:            $2 donation requested
Organizers :   Hans Boerner and Kenny Goodman
Hot Courts happen every Thursday evening, year-round.  Simply stop by anytime between 6:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. (no partner needed) for some casual and fun doubles tennis.
The exact format varies, but generally consists of four no-ad games followed by a tiebreaker, after which those who had a bye on the previous round are brought in, partners and opponents are switched up, and play begins again.
The cost is only $2.00 per evening, which goes to help defray the costs of court maintenance and repair (nets, windscreens, etc.).
Join us!         


Bridging the Generations 2015       

Date:             October 11th                                     
Location:      Mills College, Oakland
Time:            10:00am to 1:00pm                    
Cost:            $10 per person 
Organizers :   Kelsey Krausen 
Register:        Bridging the Generations Sign Up

This year marks the 14th time MTA has held this tournament . . . every year since 2002. At that time, Bridget Krausen and Robin Lee were lamenting the fact that they could not get their college-age, home-for-the-summer kids out of bed and onto the tennis courts. Thus, the creation of this tournament which Kelsey Krausen has spearheaded each year since 2005 in her mother's memory. 

The following article was written by Bridget in 2002, and remains relevant for this year's event. It has been edited to reflect current information . . . .

Want to stop your teenager from being a couch potato? Is your son-in-law bragging he could whip Sampras left handed? Then sign up for the "Bridging the Generations" tournament on Sunday, October 11.

Your partner can be of the same or opposite sex, does not have to be related to you, but has to be of a different generation (tournament director reserves the right to the interpretation of this!). 

Only one member of a team needs to be an MTA member and the entry fee is $10.00 per player. 

Any member needing to adopt a kid or parent, let me know. Stop youth crime and help a kid along the road to redemption.

Questions? Contact  Kelsey Krausen


BTC/MTA Interclub                    

Date:             October 16th                                     
Location:      Berkely Tennis Club, One Tunnel Road
Time:            5:30pm to 8:30pm                    
Cost:            $15 per person members only rating 3.0 or higher
Organizers :   Mary Blume 
Register:        BTC / MTA Sign Up


 The friendly folks at Berkeley Tennis Club have invited us to join them on Friday evening, 

Oct 16, for a TGIF. The gathering begins at 5:30 pm. We’ll play mixed doubles with rotating partners until 7:30 pm. Following the tennis will be dinner on the deck, weather permitting, or inside if the fall chill dictates. 

The first twelve MTA-ers to sign up via Eventbrite will be the privileged participants, 

along with twelve BTC-ers. The cost for use of this lovely facility, the miable sociability, and a fully-provided dinner will be a mere $15. The address is One Tunnel Road, nestled by the Claremont Hotel. For those with a historic perspective or paranormal 
connection to a past life, do not go to the previous address of 2624 Hillegas; although 
that locale for BTC originated in 1906, it was moved to the corner of Tunnel and Domingo in 1917, and there it remains.

This event is graciously coordinated by Terri Coleman from BTC. For questions, contact   Mary Blume .


17th Annual Turkey Pot Pie Mixed Doubles

Invitational Tournament                

Date:             November 7th                                     
Location:      Mills College, 5000 MacArthur Blvd,                                        Oakland CA 
Time:            10:00 am to 1:00 pm                    
Cost:            $10 per person members only
Organizers :   Mike Turkull 
Register:        Turkey Pot Pie Sign Up

We run this fowl tournament every year about this time because (1) everyone likes it, (2) the grand prize is only dependably available in November, and (3) there used to be another reason here but it no longer applies.  But due to its popularity, be advised that only the first 20 MTAers can be accommodated.

Sign up individually or with a partner.  All are welcome.  A USTA rating is required for each entry and will be verified by our 24 member review committee.  Featuring individual scoring with rotating partners, you and your communication skills with complete strangers will be put to the ultimate test.  

Old timers still recall when we once allowed registered partners to play together, but then we were burned when a young pair listed only as “Jimmy and Chrissie” smashed all comers at Love!

Please bring a delectable dish to share.  Drinks will be provided.  But save room for the grand prize.  Event organizer, Mike “The Big Turkey” Turkull, has in the past promised, but then reneged, on a turkey pot pie to the winner.  But this year he plans to dig even deeper into his 50’s era Sears Deluxe freezer, which he swears works most of the time, for a grand prize.

Contact Mike Turkull for questions.  Don’t miss this one.