Upcoming Events

Check below for details of these really fun events coming up on our schedule!

   Hot Courts Every Thursday!
   Ice Breaker Sunday February 26th!
   Mixed Doubles Saturday March 18th!
   Men's Doubles Sunday March 19th!
   Men's Singles Saturday April 15th!
  Spring Away - Golden Gate Park April 22nd! Save the Date


Hot Courts  

Date:            Every Thursday evening
Time:           Drop-in (play continues from 6:30-9:30 pm)
Location:     Montclair Courts, Oakland (Mountain at Colton)
Cost:            $2 donation requested
Organizers :   Hans Boerner and Kenny Goodman
Hot Courts happen every Thursday evening, year-round.  Simply stop by anytime between 6:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. (no partner needed) for some casual and fun doubles tennis.
The exact format varies, but generally consists of four no-ad games followed by a tiebreaker, after which those who had a bye on the previous round are brought in, partners and opponents are switched up, and play begins again.
The cost is only $2.00 per evening, which goes to help defray the costs of court maintenance and repair (nets, windscreens, etc.).
Join us!         


Ice Breaker                                 

Date:              Sunday February 26th
Time:             10:00 am to 1:00 pm
Location:       Mills College
Cost:              $12 per player
Organizers :   Robin Lee 
Registration: Icebreaker Sign Ups

We are gathering for our annual icebreaker tournament on February 26, so mark your calendar and sign up soon!!!
Cross your fingers for sunny, blue skies overhead, and join us for what is always a fun 
event. All skill levels are welcome. The format will depend on who signs on. This is a 
great opportunity to brush up your tennis skills after all the rain we've had.
As usual, courtside refreshment (sans water) will be provided. 
Participants are asked to bring a plate of some delectable to share.
Be there or be square!!!

Men' Doubles                                 

Date:               Sunday March 19th
Time:              10:00 am to 1:00 pm
Location:        Mills College
Cost:               $12 per player
Organizers :    Stephen Graham 
Registration:  Men's Doubles Sign Ups
This is always one of our most popular tournaments.  Sign up early to reserve your space as we can only accommodate ten teams.  All are welcome.  For individuals, we will try to match you with a partner.
A fast-paced round robin format will constantly challenge your team’s abilities.The top two finishers, as determined by most games won, will qualify for the finals, where a ten point (win by two) tie breaker will decide the champion, followed by an awards ceremony.
We supply the drinks, while depending on you for a tasty dish to share.  Ah, but herein is the rub.  Guys make for great tennis, but lousy food! So consult your spouse or significant other for a winning culinary suggestion. You will be glad you did as the team judged to provide the best vittles will be awarded a 15% bonus to their final game score before finals!


Men' Singles                                 

Date:               Saturday April 15th
Time:              10:00 am to 1:00 pm
Location:        Montclair Tennis Courts, Mountain and Colton, 
Cost:               $12 per player
Why:                To prove you can still play singles!
Organizers :    Stephen Graham 
Registration:  Men's Singles Sign Ups

After multiple complaints and feigned exhaustion, we have this year eased the previous requirement to play five setters!  Instead, fast four-game sets with full ad scoring will assure the chance to face-off against each participant. 

Total games won will determine our winners, and prizes will be awarded.  Come and relive your glory days, before you succumbed to that dizzying array of inadequate doubles partners!

​After each mini set, reward yourself with a chance to rest your legs and enjoy some refreshments.  We supply the drinks, and ask you to bring a tasty dish to share.  Ah, but herein lies the rub. 

Guys make for macho tennis, but lousy food!  So consult your spouse or significant other, for a winning culinary suggestion. You will be glad you did as there will be a special prize to the one judged to have provided the best vittles!

​Contact Stephen Graham with any questions.  Don’t miss this one!