Recent Events

 Fixed Partners Doubles      

The MTA Fixed Partners Doubles event was held on Sunday morning June 12th on a cloudy cool day.  It was a nice break from the recent heat.  Five teams played with all the skill they could muster; games against each other in a simple format of 8 no-add games per round.  The ultimate winners would be the team with the most rounds won.  Each team was able to play all the others with a total of 5 rounds played.  We all played hard and finished just as our reserved time ran out.

A little twist was had with the benefit of each player being able to have one third serve if wanted per round.  This was helpful to some and eliminated the dreaded double fault.

In the end the total rounds won was very close with Susan and Kenny Goodman just squeaking by the second-place team of Hans Boerner and Kathy Price. 

This fun event brought out some players that have not been playing for a while.  The teams were: Caroline Stern and Bruce Williams; Heidi Lerner and Kevin Stewart; Kathy Price and Hans Boerner; Odele Hawkins and Nathan Davies; and Susan and Kenny Goodman.

Thanks to all for their participation and for making it a great event.

Kenny Goodman, Montclair Tennis Association Events Coordinator


                                Susan & Kenny Our Winners!