Recent Events

Generations Tournament   

by Robin Lee


This year’s 18th annual Generations Tournament, held on Sunday, October 14, 
at Mills College, was a great success and really good fun. 

The tournament was started by Robin Lee and Bridget Krausen almost a score 
of years ago to encourage their daughters Joanne Lee and Kelsey Krausen,
along with other young players, to join MTA.

Partners in the tournament must be at least a generation (or 20 years) apart.

This year, the tournament format was round robin which allowed almost all 
of the teams to play each other in a six no-ad game format. 

Once again, there was a varied group of participants—from those who play 
regularly to those who play once a year, just for this tournament.

The teams were well matched and final scores ranged from 9 to 21 games won. 
Patrick Ehhalt and Mike Turkull finished first, a notable feat given that 
Patrick had not played tennis since last year’s tournament. 

Coming in second was the mother-son duo of Robin and David Lee 
(who also had not played since last year). 

A very close third was the mother-daughter duo of Bobbie and Sherry Lippiatt.

We hope you will join us next year for this fun and unique MTA tournament. 

It won’t be long until the Lee, Krausen and other grandchildren are out on the courts.


Mills vs MTA Event 

by Richard Stark

The MTA / Mills College team event was held on a beautiful Saturday morning.  

We played at least 3 rounds, consisting of a singles match and two or three doubles matches.

We won some and lost some. Each match was tightly contested, but the total wins and loses were not calculated. 

                                                                         The Mills Tennis Team Great Ladies!!

This was a warm up for the Mills team and a FUN day for all of us.                        

Plus we all had a great lunch thanks to MTA!

Tony, the Mills coach, stated he is looking forward to repeating this next year.   

Thanks to all who came, you made it a success. 


                            Our Group minus Warren who took the picture                                                        


President's Choice             

by Warren Garrison

The President’s Choice tournament was played on a fairly sunny Sunday afternoon at our own Montclair Courts

Since we only had 6 hardy soles, Robin Lee, Mary Blume, Sharon Robinson, Larry Cucci, Richard Stark, and Warren Garrison the team format was abandoned in favor of four rounds of Mixed Doubles playing eight no add games. 

We did have two players (Sharon & Warren) play a round of singles, but that format was  dropped after the first round as we all needed rest.

 The competition was tough but evenly matched so everyone had a great time.

Also the food was usual. 

Thanks to ALL for making this a successful event.


                                                                   Our Group

                                                         Top - Warren & Mary 

                                               Bottom - Larry Sharon Richard & Robin


TGIF #3 - July 30th        

by Susan Goodman

It was a great night of tennis, food, and fun!

We stuck with the format-of-play from last month, which was eight no-ad games per round, then switch partners and opponents and repeat. It seemed to work out really well, and we even snagged a fourth court for a bit so there wouldn’t be any waiting! Also similar to last month, we had to drag the die-hards off the court at the bewitching hour (8:45 pm).

We enjoyed dinner together – Chicken Caesar Salads, cherries, and bread – with chocolate lace cookies for dessert.  Easy and yummy!

There were 16 of us in total, including one brand new member (welcome, Lucas!) and one first-time-ever guest who later became a member (nice to meet you, Jodi!). 

Thank you to everyone who came out and made the evening so enjoyable!  And extra thanks to those of you who helped set up and take down.

Please watch the “Upcoming Events” section of this website for more awesome MTA events.


TGIF #2 - June 15th

by Susan Goodman

What a fun night!

 One-and-a-half dozen tennis folks settled into the welcoming environs of Davie Tennis stadium on Friday evening, June 15, and enjoyed a lovely evening of tennis, friends, food, and all-around good times.

We had three courts, and we rotated on and off the courts for the first couple of hours, but once supper was served (chicken mole, rice, and a simple green salad), some folks decided that they’d had their fill of tennis for the evening, leaving everyone else plenty of room to play to their hearts content with absolutely no wait for the rest of the night.

Just to change things up, the format of play was slightly different than it has been in the recent past. On this night, each round consisted of 8 no-ad games, which gave us a little bit more time to settle into the rhythm of the match, and also eliminated any hassles to remember the intricacies of tie-breaks.

Thanks to everyone who helped with the logistics of the evening, with special kudos to Lyn and Kenny.



TGIF #1 - May 18th         

By Susan Goodman

Seventeen folks enjoyed a slightly-chilly evening of tennis, food, and socializing at Davie Tennis Stadium on Friday evening, May 18, to kick off MTA's ever-popular summertime TGIF series - it was great fun!

We played doubles (mixed and men’s, as the numbers worked out), and kept switching around so we were able to play with and against a variety of fun folks.  We had plenty of courts for all willing players, so we definitely got in our fill of tennis!

For dinner, we enjoyed banh mi sandwiches (chicken, pork, and curry tofu), a berry salad, and brownies for dessert. A few brave souls enjoyed their supper on the benches overlooking the courts, while others moved inside to warm their bones. Some of us rounded out the evening with conversation, while others enjoyed a few more games on the courts - it’s a do-as-you-please Friday evening!

It was great to see everybody, whether this was your first MTA event or whether you’re a regular.  Special call-out to first-time TGIFers Jessica Reyes-hehr and Jim Rogers. It was also good to meet guest Mary Kay Parisee.  Huge thank you’s to everyone who helped clean up and cart out at the end of the evening!

It was a great evening!  The next TGIF event is June 15 - register now on the “Upcoming Events” page.


Mixed Doubles 2018             

By Lyn Murray

On a warm, beautiful Earth Day weekend afternoon, 8 folks came to play in the rescheduled event.

It was very tightly contested, and lots of fun. Hans Boerner and first-timer, Sherry Lippiatt (from Hot Courts) were the winners!

 A special "thank you" to Bob Sakai for filling in at the last minute. Hope to see you all at the summer TGIF's!


                                      Our Winners!!


                                                    Our Group          



ICEBREACKER 2018             

By Robin Lee

Sunday, March 4, 2018

MTA’s annual Icebreaker Tournament was played under sunny, blue skies, which was a relief from the frigid, rainy, wintry weather the East Bay has been experiencing.
8 men and 4 women gathered at Mills College and competed with varying partners in mixed doubles and men’s doubles.

At the end of the afternoon, before going home to watch the Oscars, prizes were awarded to first-place winners Robin Lee and Scott Murray, and second-place winners Mike Turkull and Bruce Williams (who tied for the men) and Jessica Reyes-hehr (new to MTA)


                                 Our Group

                                       Our Winners

                                                 Robin & Scott


New Years 2018                 

By Heidi Lerner

New Year’s Day Event a Smashing Success

The tennis gods were kind, providing us with a perfect brisk, sunny day at Mills College tennis courts.  Fifteen MTA members played with and against each other during this laid-back social tennis event that was free to members paid up through 2018 (how’s that for a sly reminder?) So, yes, we had a number indivisible by 4, thereby giving folks not playing a round the chance to relax, chat with others, and sample the delicious offerings brought by the group.   

The event brought out members of all ages (age 16 through 70 plus), all tennis levels, new and old members, and families. Can’t you tell from the picture that everyone had a good time?

Pictured Below:

Bottom row:  Bob Sakai, Susan Jaffe, Joanna Fisch, John Gassenheimer, Lyn Murray, Robin Lee, Mary Blume

Top row:  Warren Garrison, Richard Stark, Mike Turkill, Jill Fisch, Andrew Ivary, Rebecca Woolis, Charan Brahma, Priti Brahma