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Lee Family Sweeps                           

 Generations Tournament

By Robin Lee

On Saturday, July 22, a mighty group gathered for this year’s Bridging the Generations Tournament. As is required for the tournament, each player was paired with a partner at least twenty years older or younger.

Despite the best efforts of other players in the event, they were no match for members of the Lee family. Robin Lee and her son David took a victorious first in the tournament, while John Lee with son-in-law Michael Van Lokeren took a close second.  All enjoyed the great tennis, fabulous weather, and abundance of donuts. 


President's Tournament          

by Richard Stark

Sunday June 25 was cool but nice warm, a perfect day for ten contestants to play the  President’s tournament held at Mills College. 

Thanks to Robin Lee for the five round eight no-add games and a nine point tiebreaker (45 games) format.  Competition was keen and the snacks and socializing after was good.  All had a good time. 

The winners were Thelma Lancaster and John Lee and second Robin Lee and Steve Graham.  Thanks to all for making the event successful.


TGIF #2 June 16, 2017

by- Susan Goodman                                       


Right in the middle of an Oakland HEAT wave, it was a gorgeously-warm (but not overly-hot) evening in the beautiful shade of Davie Tennis Stadium!  Perfect for a little tennis (3 courts), a lot of socializing (16 of us), and some yummy food (banh mi sandwiches, watermelon salad, and brownies).  We had mixed doubles going, as well as some men’s doubles and women’s doubles – it was fun to mix it up a bit and the numbers seemed to work out perfectly.

 We’d like to send a special welcome to Priti and Charan Brahma, our guests for the evening – our hope is that they had so much fun that they decide to join so we can see them again at another MTA event!

 Huge kudos to all who helped set up, clean up, and schlep stuff – it takes us all!

 Sign up now for the rest in the series: July 14, August 18, September 22.  (see the Upcoming Events page of this website)

 Thanks – and see you on the courts!


TGIF #1 May 5th 2017         

by Susan Goodman

Happy Cinco de Mayo!


For MTA’s first TGIF tennis social of 2017, we gathered on three courts at serene Davie Tennis Stadium on Friday evening, May 5, and enjoyed a lovely evening together!


We played several rounds of rotating mostly-mixed doubles (there were plenty of courts, so everyone definitely got their fill of tennis!), and then helped ourselves to a do-it-yourself chicken taco bar with all the fixings, and then wrapped things up with homemade Orange Cupcakes (thank you, Mary!).


We’d like to send a special welcome to Gabriela Aranda, our guest for the evening – our hope is that she had so much fun that she decides to join so we can see her again at another MTA event.


Huge kudos to all who helped set up, clean up, and schlep stuff – it takes us all!


It was great to see everyone back out at these popular events!  Sign up now for the rest in the series: June 16, July 14, August 18, September 22.  (see the Upcoming Events page of this website)


See you on the courts!


Day Across The Bay (April 22, 2017)  

by Susan Goodman

 “Located in the heart of Golden Gate Park… lies one of San Francisco’s best kept secrets: the Golden Gate Park Tennis Complex. Established in 1901, this historic 21 court facility hosts professional level tournaments, leagues, camps, and recreational play for the city’s tennis community.”  - SF Recreation & Parks

 These well-maintained and reasonably-priced courts are no longer a secret to MTA, this being our second annual event there. We were 20+ players strong, and we had a great tournament. We played four rounds of 8 no-ad games each, rotating partners and opponents to the best of our ability each time, with some players getting a bye for one round (or two, if they wished).  Winners were determined by who won the most number of games per number of rounds played (we had to make it fair, right?!). There was one tiebreak situation (for Men’s Second Place), which was broken by an Earth-Day-related question (what percentage of electricity is saved by switching from incandescent to LED bulbs – the answer was approximately 80%).  First place winners: Pan Dechlalom (women’s) and Roger Lambert (men’s).  Second place winners: Susan Goodman (women’s) and Mike Turkull (men’s, after winning the tiebreak question to Marty Gutherz). Prizes were awarded and photos taken.

 After playing our hearts out in warm but mostly-overcast weather, we trekked up the hill, just to the right of the carousel, to a very nice location which included three picnic tables and a whole bunch of trees.  Several non-tennis-playing significant others (some who came straight from the March for Science) found us and joined us. Thanks to Lyn Murray’s culinary and organization prowess, an abundance of Chinese food was seamlessly delivered to us, and as most of us were starving by this time (1:30/1:45), we devoured the delicious food (and did our best to stay warm, as it was chillier up there).  Dry-fried chicken wings, spring rolls, sweet-and-sour pork, green beans with tofu, sweet-and-spicy chicken, Chinese broccoli beef, rice, and chow mein.  Dessert (brownies, peanut butter cookies, and fresh strawberries) were compliments of Lyn Murray and Robin Lee – thank you!  Fabulous meal – perfect for after all that tennis!

 Folks had the option of staying into the later afternoon to enjoy one of the many other sights and activities available in Golden Gate Park. Rumor has it that some of our group took in the “Summer of Love” exhibit at the DeYoung, while others of us headed home. Either way, it was a great day. Special thanks to Lyn (who co-organized the event with me), and to everyone else who brought stuff, carried stuff, cleaned up, and added your own great personalities (and tennis) to the day.

 Click here for more photos (compliments of Donna Haiman):


2017 MTA Men’s Singles      

by Steve Graham 

After many days of rain, the Montclair tennis courts were under sunny skies for the MTA Men’s Singles Tournament on Saturday, April 15.  Having just finished our taxes, tennis was the perfect outlet to mourn our depleted bank accounts.  Though our turnout was small, the numbers were just right for four eager contestants on two reserved courts.  The time and format allowed each of us to play a full set against the other three.

With MTA President Richard Stark in attendance, Richard Goslee led off with a first set tie-breaker win over Steve Graham, 7-6.  Newly-minted MTA member Mike Gilpin used his big game for two victories at 6-1 and 6-2.  But it was the cagey and always well-positioned Eric Steinhauer who calmly put away all comers, winning his three sets 6-1, 6-2, 6-1, to claim first prize, a dapper white MTA tennis cap.

Exhausted but happy to have survived three tough sets of singles, and pleased with such good competition, we retired to a picnic lunch of barbequed chicken wings, tuna salad sandwiches, hummus and chips, and a healthy dessert of cut up apples – not bad vittles for a group of guys!  Thanks to one and all.


Men's Doubles

by Steve Graham                                       

The Montclair Tennis Association Men's Doubles Event was held at Mills College on Sunday, March 19th.  We were honored to have three of the finest men's doubles teams to ever play the event.  MTA Hall of Famer Mike Turkull was paired with punster Peter Volin.  Andrew Ivary, recently recognized as the fastest human being to ever step on a tennis court, joined forces with the crafty Marty Gutherz.  At the last minute, Jim Seid flew in from a whirlwind Pan Asian tour where he was undefeated, to pair with USTA champion Roger Lambert.

On the very first point, the event was marred by a leg injury to Mike Turkull.  But traveling as always with a deep bench, he was able to call up Pan Dechlalom-Seid, who met with the hearty acceptance of teammate Peter Volin, and the unanimous approval of every opponent.  Once asked for his set leading score, Volin reported "4-2-itous."  Ivary lived up to his reputation for covering 95% of the court, leaving partner Gutherz standing at the baseline to watch.  But in the end, it was Seid and Lambert who won every match to garner the crown.  Ivary and Gutherz suffered only one defeat to claim the runner up spot.

Mark your calendars now for next March.  You will not want to miss this hotly contested annual event!         


Icebreaker Tournament February 26th

by  Robin Lee                                         

The Icebreaker Tournament . . . more of a "rain" breaker . . . was held as scheduled on Sunday, February 26, at Mills College under sunny, blue skies. The weather couldn't have been better after weeks of rain, mudslides and flooding in the Bay Area.

10 MTAers turned out for a fun 5-round mixed doubles format with changing partners. At the end of the day, it was Mike Turkull who eked out a win over Kenny Goodman for first place amongst the men (they were tied at 20 games each, but Mike won in their head-to-head round), and Lyn Murray who won 17 games to Mary Blume's 16 for the women.

Tournament director Robin Lee was assisted by Richard Stark (schlepper of supplies to the shed), Susan Goodman (event photographer), as well as all participants who brought great things to eat to share. A good time was had by all.

          Our Group

      Our Leader                              Our Winners

                                          Our Runner Ups                                                                                                                                


  Click Here For More Pictures Of The Icebreaker!  


Mills Mixer September 24th

by  Susan Goodman                                         

This was MTA’s 10th annual mixer with the Mills College Tennis team – and what a day it was!

 Tony Canedo, the Mills College Head Tennis Coach, organized a great doubles event.  We started with two rounds (each an 8-game pro set) where MTA was pitted against Mills.  We then took a short break for food, drink, and socialization – it was a HOT day!  Then back on the courts for a final round, but this time we picked a member of the opposite team to partner with, and played against another MTA/Mills pairing – really fun!

The 2016 Mills teams consists of 10 athletes and two coaches, and they were extremely welcoming to all us MTA folks.  We were their first “match” of the season, and I think it served as a good introduction to formal play in a less-intimidating (and very friendly!) environment.  We wish them a fabulous season!

 What a great tradition!


TGIF #4 September 23rd

by  Susan Goodman 

This was the fourth and final TGIF of the season, and we went out in style!

 It was a gorgeous night, and 17 of us played doubles tennis all night long, save for a brief respite where we indulged in a wide variety of hot, freshly-delivered pizza, green salad, grapes, and Scotcheroos!

 It was a treat to have Jerri’s daughter join us for all the fun (sans the tennis).  And of course, it’s always great to have Spencer there – by now, he could probably be considered the official TGIF Mascot, cute puppy that he is!

 Thank you for making it such a fun evening – and special kudos to Larry, Warren, and Mike for their generous contributions, and to everyone who helped clean up at the end of the night.

Looking forward to more TGIFs in 2017!  In the meantime, check the “Upcoming Events” page of this website for upcoming 2016 events!


TGIF #3 August 19th

by  Susan Goodman 

Great Friday night event – tennis, food, and conversation – what could be better?!  Twenty tennis players plus another four supporters (and at least one dog!) made for a festive evening, with more than a few folks playing until the very end, which was great!

Thank you to everybody who came out, and for making it so much fun.  Special kudos to Donna, Eric, and Robin for their generous contributions, and to everyone who helped schlep stuff there (Mary and Kenny), and to all who helped set up and then clean up at the end of the night (too many to mention) – I sincerely appreciate your help!

Hope to see you at the next TGIF – September 23 – the final TGIF of the year!   (to register, navigate to the Upcoming Events page of this website) 



Hot Courts BBQ August 11th

by  Kenny Goodman


Food and Tennis! 

It was not just the regulars at Hot Courts on the 11th of August. With the number of guests over 28 I can only attribute our exceptional turnout to the love our members have with the mix of food and tennis. 

A big thank you to Hans Boerner for bringing out his grill and all the food we cooked that night. Also, I would like to thank all those who not only came to play, but brought food to share as well.  It was great to reward those regular participants with a delicious meal and to welcome some new faces that we hope will continue to attend our weekly Hot Courts. While the last few weeks our players have been battling the challenging sunset, our shorter days have now almost eliminated that threat. Under lights, in clear skies and even in the fog, we play every Thursday evening and if you were not able to come by our Hot Court Barbeque event it is never too late to try us out. We play from 6:30 – 9:30ish and always have a great time. Games are casual with an opportunity to practice that new backhand without the threat of your partner’s USTA record being damaged. Beginner or experienced, all are welcome and we hope to see you on the courts.

Your Hot Courts Coordinators,

Kenny Goodman and Hans Boerner




TGIF #2 July 22nd

by  Susan Goodman 

The July TGIF tennis social was great fun, with 21 members and 1 guest converging on beautiful Davie tennis stadium for casual tennis (lots of it – the courts were full until the very end!), delicious food, and lots of good conversation, fun, and general hanging-out. 

Special kudos to:

·   Yen Lim for her fabulous homemade Malaysian food for dinner!!!

    Antoinette, Warren, Cathy, and Mike for their yummy contributions!!

 Thanks to everyone who came out – you made it a truly enjoyable evening!



More Pictures Here!


Hope to see you at the next TGIF – August 19 – see the Upcoming Events page for the registration link.


TGIF #1 June 17th

by  Susan Goodman 

We started out the TGIF season in style with a great night at Davie Tennis Stadium!
There were 22 tennis players, one non-playing guest, one dog (Yuba) – and some great tennis (spreading out over four courts), some yummy food (banh mi sandwiches, quinoa salad, pineapple, chocolate-covered strawberries, and more), and a lot of fun.
I’m glad that so many of you were able to come out, and I hope you had as much fun as I did.  Sorry, but no photos this time – I was too busy having fun!
In case you haven’t heard, this was just the first of 4 TGIF's this Summer – sign up for the July 22 one here, before it sells out (like this one did):



by  Richard Stark 

Saturday June 11 was sunny and warm, a perfect day for the President’s tournament held at Mills College.  Thanks to Robin Lee for the five round eight no-add games (40 games) format.  Competition was keen and the snacks and socializing after was good.  All had a good time.  Winners were Kate Barr, Robin Lee, Richard Stark and Ben Barteau.  Thanks to all for making the event successful.

For more pictures of this event please click below


MEN"S SINGLE'S RESULTS  4/23/16      

by  Herb Weingard 

Seven strong tennis players participated in this year's Men's Singles Tournament on Saturday, April 23 at the Montclair Courts under a sunny sky. 

Every one played well and won at least 1 set.  Michael Van Lokeren is this year's winner.  Second place goes to Andrew Ivary.


1- Michael Van Lokeren

2- Andrew Ivary

3- Eric Steinhauer

4-Steve Graham

5-Richard Goslee

6-Kevin Stewart

7-Daniel Loman

Thanks to everyone who participated despite the initial rainout.  Thanks to Board members Robin, Richard, Susan, and Mary for their support.



by  Susan Goodman 

What a great day it was!  Perhaps we’ll do it again next year…


Fourteen of us played King-of-the-hill tennis at the Golden Gate Tennis Complex in beautiful Golden Gate Park. Doubles, mixed when it worked out. Three great hours. Three courts, all in great condition. Some had byes, some didn’t.  Plenty of bleacher space for watching.  And for our stuff.  Amazing sunshine and warmth. Slight breeze toward the end. Kenny Goodman and Scott Murray took first place.  Stephen Graham and Susan Jaffe took second place. The rest of us did well too!  The facility has twenty-one courts in all – all fabulously filled with tennis aficionados.


Nineteen of us for a potluck picnic lunch at Sharon Meadow. Adjacent to the courts. Salads, sandwiches, dumplings, pastas, veggies, chips, brownies, and tons more.  Eating. Visiting. People-watching. Dog-watching. Resting.


Three in our group took in the Annie Liebovitz photography exhibit in the Presidio, one watched her 9-year-old grandson pitch a baseball game, one had to head back to the East Bay, and the rest of us (14, if my math is correct) took a gorgeous 5-mile (???) round-trip hike/walk in the beautiful Lands End area, walking north from Sutro baths, not quite making it to Baker Beach before time told us we had to turn around and head back (we had a dinner reservation!).  Nice hike, gorgeous views, amazing weather (even right above the coast!).


Eighteen of us for drinks, then dinner, at Beach Chalet, right on the Great Highway, adjacent to Ocean Beach.  Pacific Clam Chowder or a Mixed Green Salad.  Salmon, Steak Frites, Crab Louie Salad, Bacon Crab Melt, or a vegetarian special.  Two large tables right against the floor-to-ceiling tables.  Overlooking the ocean.  Sun setting into the waves. Fond farewell.

 It really was a fun, gorgeous Day Across the Bay with great people.  I slept well that night!

 Click Here For Some Photo



by  Marty Gurtherz   

The 2016 Men’s Doubles Tournament played on March 20th will go down in the MTA historical annals as the event that entailed the players heroically defying the elements, or for the cynical amongst you, as the one that those dumb guys, mostly aging and fragile, risked slipping and falling and doing who knows what to themselves. In any case, Mills College, the site of the event, miraculously avoided the quite heavy downpour that afflicted the East Bay that day until the last round of play. 

The Women’s Doubles Tournament preceded the Men’s and was played at Davie Stadium. I had arranged with Mary Blume, the captain of this tournament, to bring the supplies over to Mills. However, by about 45 minutes after the start of the Men’s, she had not yet appeared at Mills. I then called her and asked her when she would be bringing the supplies over. Mary’ shocked reaction was, “you must be joking, it’s pouring, no one in their right mind would be playing tennis in this weather.” When I then advised her that it was not raining at Mills, Mary reacted with extreme skepticism, so I then put her son and my doubles partner, Andrew Ivary, on the phone to confirm my contention (what mother would doubt her own child), and at that point, Mary hauled the supplies over to Mills.

A total of 5 teams played in the tournament. A few raindrops intermittently fell during the first 3 rounds, not enough to even elicit a snicker from any of the intrepid players gathered there on that memorable day. However, in the latter part of the 4th and last round, it began raining in earnest. I then pleaded with the guys to do the sane and prudent thing by seeking refuge from the looming storm in lieu of recklessly completing the round. However, to my dismay, the unanimous collective response to my plea was a combination of derision and rather vehement retorts typified by the true grit team of John Lee and Steve Graham as follows: John: “We’re not going to let no stinking rain stop us from finishing the round,” Steve: “No (expletive deleted) way.” Confronted with this overwhelming opposition of these tough hombres, I had no choice but to throw caution to the wind and allow the last round to be completed, and fortunately, none of the players slipped and broke a leg or suffered some other potential career ending injury.

Approximately a minute after the last player strolled off the court, it started raining in torrents; if this had started a few minutes earlier, I doubt that even the valiant warriors assembled there would have continued to soldier on. 

It was then time to finish off the quite delectable munchies and announce the tournament winners who to nobody’s surprise. were those perennial MTA front runners, Mike Turkull and Peter Volin who utilized their dazzling combination of stroke wizardry and diabolically clever strategy to trounce their beleaguered opponents. However, Andrew and I, the runner-ups, somehow managed to give these guys a run for their money, losing to them 5-4 in the decisive round that determined who would win those highly coveted prizes awarded to MTA tournament top dogs. 

The aforementioned diabolically clever strategy utilized by Mike and Peter was to target the age, agility, and shot challenged older dude, namely me, while scrupulously avoiding hitting the ball at the young  highly agile and skilled dude, namely Andrew, who has an amazing repertoire of precise warp speed serves, ground strokes, and volleys.

When queried about his and Mike’s highly effective but ethically dubious strategy, Peter glibly quipped, as he is invariably inclined to do: “All’s fair in love and tennis.”

In summary, despite the inclement weather, the only slight flaw in the event was that Andrew and I didn’t win 1st prize. The event was a competitive one with all of the guys playing well, behaving amiably, and delivering on the vital mission that I assigned them to bring palatable food to share to the event.


                                          The Combatants


                                       Our Winners Mike & Pete


                                                         2nd Place Andrew & Marty



by  Steve Graham   

On Sunday, April 3, the Annual MTA Mixed Doubles Tournament was held at Mills College.  Our “Final Four” participating teams were challenged by a rigorous competitive format, beginning with three qualifying rounds.

The 3rd and 4th finishers faced off in a 10-Point Super Tie Breaker to determine the consolation round champion.  Mary Blume and Warren Garrison made a strong comeback to win 11-9 over Lyn Murray and Steve Graham.

The Championship Round was accentuated by boisterous cheering from the bleachers, as the top two qualifiers battled each other in a hard fought Super Tie Breaker.  The final score was 10-8, as Steve Musgrove and Lorna Dare brought their “A” game, but Robin Lee and Mike Turkull prevailed, engineering a comeback from a 1-4 deficit.

A gorgeous day was capped by sharing our food while making plans to attend the April 16 MTA Spring Away Event in San Francisco, where we will have a morning of tennis, afternoon to hike, and then enjoy dinner at the Beach Chalet Brewery and Restaurant.  For more details, check out the event here on our web site.



by  Mary Blume   

On the first day of Spring, six women gathered for a delightful, relaxed tournament at Davie Stadium. 

Clouds were drifting in and out, birds were chirping, snacks were plentiful, and the camaraderie palpable.

Amy Hansen was welcomed a new participant. 

Lorna Dare and Mary Blume took the gold, and were the proud recipients of a new MTA wine glass each.

Susan Goodman and Susan Murphy came in second, Robin Lee and Amy took third. 

Upon leaving the courts, a brief deluge closed the stadium for the rest of the day! 

Lucky us!



by Lyn Murray   

The ice was indeed broken for our traditional first (except for NY day) tournament of the year.  We had 12 enthusiastic players come out on a pleasant Feb. Sunday morning.  We played 4 rounds of 8 games with a mix-and-match format.  Thanks very much to Robin Lee for setting that up.  

We welcomed several new members and really hope to see them again.  They were Kat Barr (her 2nd event), Amy Hansen, James Mott and Diane Heinze.  Very fun people!

As usual, there was great food to help with the socializing. 

The winners were Marty Gutherz and Robin Lee.  

Look forward to seeing everyone at the many upcoming tennis days.  Save the date for our “Spring Day Across the Bay”, our spring “not-away” tournament.  April 16th, San Francisco.  

                                                                Our Fun Group!