MTA Gear

Yes, now you too, can have MTA gear!

Earn It!

Win one of MTA's tournaments, and as your prize, you will be given the opportunity to select from one of two pieces of MTA gear - a wine glass or performance cap (first place)  water bottle, cooling neckband or tee shirt  (second place) - all great choices!  (photos below)

~ or ~

Buy It!

That's right, for the rest of us, we can now have the MTA logo simply by shelling out a few bucks

 (what a deal!) and take home any one of these coveted MTA prizes! 

 To arrange for your purchase, please contact Kenny Goodman.   (photos below)

The small print: All products must be picked up by the purchaser at a pre-arranged time and location (tournament, board meeting, Hot Court evening, or other mutually agreed upon location). Unfortunately, products cannot be mailed.

The MTA wine glasses look like this: Cost is $10 per glass


The MTA performance cap looks like this: Cost $15 per cap


The MTA water bottles look like this: Cost is $10 per bottle

The MTA cooling neckbands look like this: Cost is $5 per neckband

The MTA tee shirts: Cost is $8 per shirt (small or medium sizes)


 Pretty cool, huh?! |

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