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The MTA Hitting-Partner List

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 We sometimes hear that folks (maybe you?!) are interested in finding people to hit the ball with on a casual basis, outside of all of MTA’s fabulous events. We know that participating in our events is such a great way to meet new people and find new hitting partners, but we also wanted to offer another option as well, so we now have our own MTA Hitting-Partner List!

 If you would like to be included on this list as someone seeking a hitting partner, please click here and complete a short survey. The info you provide there (e.g., name, contact info, when/where you want to play, level, etc.) will be added to this list, and a link to that list will be shared in our mass emails – and the rest is up to you all!


Local Tennis Coaches: A Handy Reference

Interested in improving your game?  These local tennis coaches have indicated th
at they are available to offer either private and/or group lessons to adults and/or kids. Teaching locations vary, although membership to a tennis club is not a prerequisite (even though, in some cases, lessons may be held there). Give them a call!
These coaches all come recommended by MTA members. If you know of another coach who you think should be added to this list, please get their permission to post their contact info, and then forward it to Thanks in advance!
 Peter Benko, USPTA
 John Fogli

Scott Felluss

 Nicole Havlicek

 Bob Manalo
 510-495-5593 (cell)
 Marc Weinstein
 510-444-5663 (Davie tennis stadium)
 415-271-8009 (cell) 

Note:This information is provided for reference only, no endorsement is implied



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