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General Tournament Information
     (updated 1/1/2021) 

  1. The format of MTA tournaments will be determined based on the number of entries, which in some cases may
    be limited because of time and/or court space constraints.
  2. Preference is given to the earliest sign‐up on the
    entries when the number of entries must be limited.
  3. Late entries may be used when the tournament is not full
    at the deadline time and will be taken order received until the tournament is full.
  4. Players may sign up singly or as a team for doubles events.
  5. The current tournament entry fees will be posted on the Courtly Times website.
  6. Order of play, partners, opponents, answers to questions and settlement of disputes shall be by the persons organizing the tournament and their word is final and above reproach.
  7. Current MTA membership is required for participation in all MTA tournaments (except that non-MTA members may play in one non-ladder / non-“away” tournament for a special guest fee; thereafter, membership is required).
  8. Refunds of fees are at the discretion of the tournament director, and are generally not allowed once a tournament has been formatted.

Website Information

This information contained on this website is substantially updated on the first day of each month, with incremental updates throughout the month as time allows.

If you have questions or suggestions about this website, are experiencing problems, or have information that you would like to have included, please contact Warren Garrison or email webmaster@montclairtennis.org.


Advertising Rates


Classified ads placed by MTA members are FREE!

Non-members and outside groups:

Classified ads placed by non-members are FREE if they're tennis-related - and if they're not tennis-related, the cost is determined on a case-by-case basis. Please contact 

Warren Garrison or email webmaster@montclairtennis.org for details.

All ads must be submitted in publication-ready format to webmaster@montclairtennis.org no later than the 20th day of the month preceding publication.

The webmaster reserves the right to reject publication of any ad for any reason they deem appropriate (i.e. space, time, set-up, etc.). 

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